Portable monitors have become increasingly popular over time thanks to their unique characteristics that facilitate work, entertainment, and various other aspects of life. These versatile devices allow users to extend their screens’ real estate to make multitasking a breeze. Whether you are a professional looking for enhanced productivity or a gamer who wants a more immersive experience, portable monitors are a recommended solution. This article provides an overview of portable monitors, explores the reasons behind their increased popularity, steps to connect a phone/computer to them, product highlight as the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro, and more.



Portable Monitors and Their Increasing Popularity

Portable monitors are lightweight, compact displays that can be easily connected to smartphones, laptops, or other devices to extend the screen space. They work similarly to traditional monitors,  but their portability and convenience have led to increased demand among consumers for various purposes. The following are the reasons to choose the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro.

Multitask at One Time

The best portable monitor for Macbook Pro allows you to multitask efficiently with the large display screen for presentations, reference materials, or video streaming while working on the primary device simultaneously.

Immersive Gaming Experience

Gamers appreciate portable monitors for their ability to create a dual-screen setup for an enhanced gaming experience with real-time stats, guides, or walkthroughs displayed on the second screen.


Space Efficiency and Foldable Bracket

The best portable monitor for MacBook Pro is space efficient, making it an ideal choice for students and professionals who frequently move between locations. These monitors also feature foldable brackets to allow for easy setup and positioning.

Support for USB Type-C Port Extension

Many modern portable monitors, including the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro, support USB Type-C connectivity. This ensures that you can easily connect and mirror screens with compatible devices without requiring any additional power adapters.

High Pixel Density

Portable monitors boast high pixel densities to provide vivid and sharp visuals. This characteristic makes them suitable for content creators, photographers, and design professionals who require accurate color representation.


The Steps to Connect a Phone or Computer to a Portable Monitor

Connecting your phone or computer to a PS5 portable monitor is a straightforward process. Lets follow these instructions. 


1. First, make sure that your portable monitor and device (phone or computer) have compatible ports, USB Type-C, HDMI, etc.

2. Then, use the appropriate cables to connect your device’s output port to the corresponding input port on the portable monitor.

3. Now power up the monitor. Once connected, adjust the display settings on your device to mirror or extend the screen to the portable monitor.

4. Finally, test the connection by displaying content on the portable monitor to make sure everything is working correctly.


Product Highlight: NPC PM-T3


Because of the increasing popularity of portable monitors, many brands these days are offering feature-rich products in this category. NPC is one of the top brands with extensive industry experience in manufacturing portable monitors. With a focus on innovation, we specialize in offering advanced, high-quality portable monitors and display products. Among our product lineup, NPC PM-T3 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro. As one of our top-selling products in its category, the PM-T3 is equipped with the following key features:

üStunning IPS Display: The PM-T3 boasts a vibrant 15.6-inch IPS screen with 178° viewing angles to ensure excellent Delta E<2 color accuracy and an immersive visual experience.

üWidely Compatible, Plug-and-Play: The PM-T3 is compatible with many devices and operating systems, making it suitable to be used with smartphones, Macs, laptops, and gaming consoles. Its plug-and-play functionality with Type-C full-featured interface eliminates the need for lengthy and complex setups.

üTouch Screen: The 10-point touch screen capability adds a layer of interactivity to the product and allows you to navigate and interact with content directly on the PM-T3.

üExpand Your Laptop/Phone Screen: The PM-T3 extends your device’s screen to increase productivity or offer a more immersive gaming experience. The display also auto-rotates on a phone/computer connection.

üIntelligent Magnetic Case: With a stylish, intelligent magnetic case, you can set up this best portable monitor for MacBook Pro easily within a few seconds. It provides sturdy support and protection during transportation.

üSlim and Lightweight: The monitor’s slim and lightweight design makes it extremely portable.



Overall, portable monitors have transformed the way we work, game, and enjoy other digital activities. They offer the convenience of extended screen space on the go. When buying a portable monitor for Mac, choosing a reliable brand is crucial. With years of industry experience, a focus on innovation, and great after-sale services, NPC is a recommended brand that offers many products suitable for anyone looking to buy the best portable monitor for MacBook Pro. Our top-selling portable monitor PM-T3 is feature-rich and designed with convenience in mind. Visit our website to explore more products like this and find the one that best suits your needs.