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Company Profile

Company Profile

NPC brand, formally established in January 2005, is a technology manufacturing company with TV, Monitor, and intelligent Projector as its core business.

Only 18 years after its establishment, the NPC brand has penetrated every corner of the Chinese market, gaining the trust of many partners and end consumers. Its annual sales turnover has continuously improved.

Today, the NPC brand has begun expanding globally. We always insist on making good products that "touch people's hearts and affordable prices" so everyone can enjoy the incredible life of science and technology.

Brief Introduction of NPC Team

In NPC, the entrepreneurial atmosphere allows everyone to be positive, upward, hardworking, innovative, and strive to do good things. There is no sense of hierarchy here. Everyone can express his creative ideas and opinions at any time.

What is "NPC"? "N" stands for "Noble," "P" stands for "Perfect," "C" stands for "Creative," then the "NPC" is the abbreviation of "Noble, Perfect & Creative." The brand spirit of NPC is sticking to pursuing perfect quality and affordable prices.

The NPC team is young and full of vitality. Using "Red And White" as NPC's brand color is the spiritual portrayal of our brand and team! We always believe that good things will happen!

NPC that are trying to go international  

NPC, founded in China, focuses on the video electronics industry and moves users with high-quality products, value prices, and thoughtful services. With the joint efforts of all employees and partners, the NPC brand will become well-known and respected by users.

NPC, an electronic products pioneer, is committed to providing high-quality on TV, monitors, projectors, and computers. As a professional high-resolution monitor, projector, computer, and LED TV wholesaler and supplier aiming to go global, NPC has upgraded and kept innovation to capture the global market and meet the increasing needs.

NPC trademark has been registered in 130 countries worldwide, and the NPC is stepping into the world.

Brief Introduction of NPC Team
NPC's mission

NPC's mission

NPC always adheres to "quality and low price" to make good products, such as TVs and monitors, so that every user can enjoy the beautiful life of science and technology.

In 2005, the NPC brand was founded with lofty ideals:

· Focusing on the video and IT fields.

· Putting every ounce of energy into the production of high-quality products.

· Making users pay every penny beyond their expectations.

"Products move users & prices move users" is the lifelong pursuit of the NPC team.

Customized service

NPC can provide customized products and services according to customers' requirements to meet the needs of different countries or markets worldwide. So far, NPC has provided customized OEM/ODM services to partners in more than 70 countries.

With the mission of "helping customers build their strengths," NPC has a team of designers, engineers, and marketing experts to help you develop your products. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Founder Introduction


李杰, 出生于1978 年, 中山大学EMBA研究生学历。

李先生从小就酷爱科技, 为新产品和新技术而着迷, 创办 NPC就是为了实现他的产品梦, 希望通过自己的努力制造出优质价廉的产品满足全球消费者的需求。





经商一定是先做人, 人品决定商业成败,

只有坚持为人正道, 方能商场畅通辉煌。

Founder Introduction:

Mr.Li Jie, the founder of the company, was born in 1978 and obtained EMBA degree from Sun Yat-sen University.

Mr.Li has been passionate about science and technology and been fascinated by new products and new technologies since he was a child. He founded the NPC brand just with the hope to realize his dream, that is hoping to make high-quality and affordable products to meet the needs of global consumers through his own efforts.

Management Motto:

The way of doing business is the way of being human.

Doing business is not just a simple money and goods transaction, but a way of being human.

It is the right way not to go against conscience and not to harm morality.

Your character determines the success or failure of business, you must know how to be a man before doing business.  

Only by adhering to the principle of integrity can we move on smoothly and achieve brilliant achievements in our businesses.

Founder Introduction
Advanced manufacturing
Advanced manufacturing

NPC has always maintained communication and cooperation with well-known electrical enterprises in various regions of the world to ensure that products and services are always advancing with The Times.
Artificial intelligence systems have been introduced into the production of most products.

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Global Network
Global Network

After 18 years of hard work, NPC has grown into an international electronics brand, relying on China's strong supply chain strength to manufacture high-quality and affordable electronic technology products for the world.

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