With the prevalence of different technologies in recent days, it is acknowledged a capable monitor is essential for gamers who want to get a satisfying experience in gaming. Nowadays, people have a heated discussion about whether to choose LED or LCD gaming monitors. It is because a good monitor helps you level up your gaming experience while a bad one is enough to expose your eyes to danger. So, it increases LED vs. LCD gaming monitors’ debate to a great extent among the mass. And this article will guide you to figure out which is the best for your game monitor.

 LED VS. LCD Gaming Monitors: What are the Differences?(图1)

LED VS. LCD Gaming Monitors: Definitions

Before moving into the nitty-gritty of LED vs. LCD gaming monitors debate, let’s have a quick look at what these devices are. Liquid Crystal Display, or popularly known as LCD monitors, works with the help of Liquid crystals trapped in between glass sheets. It changes the pixels and creates images that we see. On the other hand, LEDs have a sheet of light-emitting diodes that create the display for users.


LED vs. LCD Gaming Monitors: Differences

When you have to choose between LED vs. LCD gaming monitors, knowing the following differences is important.



The LCD gaming monitor has better pixel quality than LED. Comparing LCD and LED gaming monitors of the same size, you will surprisingly find LED has relatively lower pixel quality than LCD. 


Backlighting Methods

LCD uses fluorescent light to light up the screen with a backlight layer that creates an image for us. Thus, conventional fluorescent lights are lit LCD monitors, whereas, in LEDs, a light-emitting diode is used to brighten up your gaming monitor.



If you want a gaming monitor that is the value of money, you should consider the cost. Normally, LCDs are cheaper than LEDs which can help you greatly in reducing your capital cost massively.


Service Time

On the one hand, the LCD gaming monitor usually supports eight years of use at 10 hours per day. On the other hand, the LED gaming monitor often offers you a longer lifespan of 15 years to use. 


Color Quality

The LED gaming monitor owns better contrast and color quality than the LCD to get a clearer image. However, the LED also brings you a higher risk for image retention or screen burn. 

LED vs. LCD Gaming Monitors: Which is Suitable for Games?

Since the LED and LCD gaming monitors have different pros and cons, it is tricky to decide which is the best budget computer monitor. For instance, it is an excellent choice for choosing the LCD gaming monitor if you are low on budget. Unlike LEDs, LCDs are pocket-friendly, helping you get your hands on a qualitative gaming monitor within a reasonable budget. However, it is wise for you to buy an LED gaming monitor if you want high luminance and color quality. Thus, the final choice is up to you. 


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