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NPC, a trailblazer in several industries, has built a reputation for offering a diverse range of exclusive products. These include NPC smart TVs, monitors, intelligent projectors, all-in-one PC that enhance the user experience. Our professional services and high-performance products have garnered a large customer base, who frequently have questions that need to be addressed.

  • 80+ Countries & Areas

  • 35,000 M2Office & Factory

  • 7 Automated Production Lines

  • 1,200,00+ Annual Production Capacity


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Annual Production Capacity

Don’t Miss out on NPC Highly Praised Products

We strive to offer products that feature cutting-edge innovation while remaining affordable. The following NPC products are widely popular and have garnered a reputation for superior quality and performance.

  • 98″-32″QLED smart TV

  • 4K UHD high-resolution TV

  • Dolby Cinematic sound quality

  • MEMC for clear and smooth high-speed movement

  • ThinQ AI Voice control


  • Full HD monitor

  • Cinematic color gamut

  • Vibrant 16.7 million colors

  • High dynamic range imaging

  • Fullscreen

  • Blue light filtered

  • AIPQ intelligent picture quality enhancement

  • Hisilicon 352

  • 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi mode

  • HDMI*1 / AC charging port*1 / USB2.0*1

  • 3.5mmheadphone jack

  • Netflix / prime video / YouTube / ThinQ AI

  • 512G SSD & 8G DDR4 high-frequency memory

  • 99% sRGB

  • Multi-directional adjustment

  • 12thIntel processor

  • IPS high-definition screen

  • 2.4G/5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.2

Q & A

FAQs about NPC TV

Can NPC TV create cinematic sound and watching effects?

All NPC 4K QLED TVs have the capability to transform any living room into a remarkable cinema by delivering a UHD/HD/4K viewing experience and Dolby sound effects.

Does NPC TV support Dolby Sound?

Yes, the Dolby sound incorporated into our 4K QLED TVs provides a captivating and remarkable audio experience that can entertain the entire family while streaming content from platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Does NPC TV have streaming services?

NPC QLED smart TV has built-in access to Netflix, Prime Video, Apple TV, Disney+, HBO Max, and so much more, offering more than 300 streaming media channels at no cost.

What is webOS TV?

webOS TV is a unique portal to a world of entertainment. No matter where you are, you are allowed to control the TV and use the network technologies.

How to cast the screen on NPC TV?

Assuming that both the phone and TV are connected to the same network, it is possible to transfer the video or movie from the phone to the TV. Then you can enjoy a larger display and a more enjoyable visual experience on NPC 85-inch flat screen TV or 75-inch 4K smart TV!

Can I remote control NPC TV?

The cleverly designed remote control of NPC QLED smart TV allows you to easily access desired content from anywhere. Additionally, there are certain personalized features, such as point-and-click and voice controls, which can be utilized with NPC TV.

FAQs about NPC Monitors

Is the NPC monitor suitable for playing games?

Most NPC monitors are designed to be comfortable for users to utilize in gaming and commercial settings without causing eye discomfort.

How about the performance of NPC monitors?

  • FHD (1K) QHD (2K) UHD (4K) Different resolutions to meet customer requirements

  • Cinematic color gamut

  • Vibrant 16.7 million colors

  • High dynamic range imaging

  • Fullscreen

  • Blue light filtered

Will long-time concentration on the NPC monitor harms my eyes?

Our monitors feature flicker-safe technology that minimizes onscreen flicker to nearly zero, safeguarding the eyes and allowing users to utilize them for extended periods.

Does the NPC monitor have an ergonomic design?

Yes. As an example, NPC monitors are designed to be adjusted to different viewing angles in order to safeguard your cervical spine.

How long is the warranty for NPC monitors?

NPC monitors typically come with a free warranty of 3 years.
NPC projectors usually come with a 2-year free warranty
NPC TVS usually come with a 2-year free warranty

Is the delivery on time? Will the product be damaged?

Our reputation is built upon our prompt and reliable delivery services. The efficiency of our factory production processes enables us to deliver our top-notch products swiftly. Furthermore, we ensure that all products are packaged securely and soundly, guaranteeing that you will receive them intact and on time.

FAQs about NPC Smart TV

Is it worth buying a projector?

NPC projector can bring you a large screen, higher portability, and compact size.

Do projectors need a dark room?

Yes. A projector in a darker room usually shows better picture quality.

Can you connect a phone to a projector?

Yes. With simply a click, you can connect NPC projectors with mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You can do this by connecting them with the same Wi-Fi or mirroring.

What is the NPC projector used for?

NPC projectors can be used for gaming and watching films on a big screen, and decorating your house with projected art on the walls.


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